My name is Daniel Blanco,

I’m a photographer and…


Yes, I must admit it, I’m an addict.

I am addicted to nature, to the mountains, the forests and rivers, the high peaks and the sea…

I’m addicted to those sights, those smells and those sensations…

I’m an addict because nature makes me feel good, when I’m in the mountains I’m happy…

…even when I’m not taking photos.

Passion for photography


I have carried a camera around my neck since my earliest adolescence, I still keep the first reflex that my mother gave me when I was 16 years old, throwing away many negatives and slides to get a decent photo, but enjoying the process.

From there everything has been learning day by day until today, which I continue to learn and enjoy as much or more than the first time.

I am passionate about nature photography, be it large landscapes or small details, night photography or wildlife, everything that’s in front of the lens.

In love with mountains, I also enjoy sports and adventure photography, as well as trying to capture other cultures and landscapes with my camera during my travels.

Working with my camera


My photographic equipment, apart from my passion, is my working tool.

I am dedicated to commercial photography, working for hotels, restaurants, golf courses, real estate, presentations, etc.

I also cover social events such as weddings, communions, etc. and personalised photo sessions for families, children, babies…

And finally, I am dedicated to sports photography, both photographing sporting events such as trail running competitions or mountain biking among others, as well as doing private sessions with athletes.


If you are interested in more information or hire my services as a photographer, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to talk to you and send you a quote.



2018 – First price – IX Concurso Fotográfico Sierra de las Nieves – Categoría Biodiversidad y Geodiversidad

2018 – Third price – IX Concurso Fotográfico Sierra de las Nieves – Categoría Actividades Humanas

2019 – First price – X Concurso Fotográfico Sierra de las Nieves – Categoría Actividades Humanas

2020 – First price – XI Concurso Fotográfico Sierra de las Nieves – Categoría Biodiversidad y Geodiversidad

2020 – Third price – XXV Concurso Fotográfico Parque Natural Montes de Málaga – Categoría Fauna

2021 – First price – I Concurso Fotográfico Marbella y Medio Ambiente

2021 – Highlighted photo of the week – National Geographic Spain – Instagram

Nature, sport & travel photography…
Always enjoying behind my camera.

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